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Tautumeitas, the ethno-pop band hailing from Latvia, intertwines melodies and lyrics from Latvian folk songs with contemporary sounds, creating a truly unique musical experience. Their intricate melodies, haunting vocal arrangements, and spirited performances transcend language barriers, resonating with audiences wherever they perform. But their artistic journey goes beyond their music; it extends to their striking visual identity, where their costumes and crowns eloquently bridge the realms of tradition and the future. Tautumeitas' visual aesthetic is nothing short of cosmic, exuding power and a strong, feminine charm.

In the spring of 2022, Tautumeitas released their latest album "Skrejceļš" which was celebrated with their biggest show in Latvia to date and a 17-date tour across the country. The album earned the prestigious “Folk/World Music Album of the Year 2022” title in their home country. 


The year 2023 has proven to be a thrilling adventure for the band as they graced the stages of various renowned festivals, including Eurosonic (The Netherlands), Glastonbury (The UK), and Imaterial (Portugal). Their captivating track "Spodrē manu augumiņu" was celebrated as KEXP's Song of the Day in February, further solidifying their global presence.


Tautumeitas' musical excellence extends back to their self-titled debut album in 2018, which clinched the Latvian Music Recording Award "Zelta Mikrofons" in the "Folk/World Music Album of the Year" category. Subsequently, their album "Songs from Auleja" claimed the same honour in 2020. The band's collaborative effort with "Brainstorm" on the song "Tur, kur Dieva kamanas slīd" earned them the esteemed "Most Valuable Song of 2021" award in the Musical Bank song contest hosted by Latvian Radio 2. Notably, Tautumeitas has also been a proud recipient of the Annual Latgalian Culture Award "Boņuks" on five separate occasions, reaffirming their invaluable contribution to the cultural tapestry of their homeland. 


Asnate Rancāne


Aurēlija Rancāne


Laura Līcīte


Gabriēla Zvaigznīte

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